Inner Soul Coaching & Healing

"I have recently been enrolled in a transformative healing package with Maureen for 10 weeks. From the very beginning the benefits have been obvious. New channels of thought have been opened for me and my energy has increased.  Incorporated within each meeting were counselling, card readings, crystals, meditation depending where my journey has taken me, finishing with an energy boosting Reiki treatment. Maureen has facilitated my personal development and stimulated my spiritual growth, and for this she has my undying gratitude.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending these truly transformative healing sessions which are provided within such a comfortable loving environment.  Namaste Maureen."




The following Coaching & Healing sessions are available for those who wish to access some deeper healing and spiritual exploration and development in their lives.  The sessions are intuitively driven, drawing on my knowledge, personal journey, experience as an Energy Healer, my Shamanic studies and 20 years of Counselling experience.  Please note that these sessions are not counselling sessions but Empowerment Sessions or Energy Coaching.   

This is a commitment that addresses deeper healing.  Scheduling is flexible.

The intent of this Coaching Program is to support you in your Spiritual Awakening Journey.  Your needs are all different.  For some, you may just wish to talk, learn and develop tools and skills to examine your journey.   For others, you may wish to talk and have some healing work done.   

Some of the aspects which may or may not be included are listed belowl:

  • Thoughtful and compassionate examination of our core wounds and messaging
  • Inner child work - looking at patterns, beliefs, habits that stifle our soul growth
  • examining our shadow side with love and compassion
  • Intutive healing 
  • Deeper healing and clearing of Chakra energy system.  This could be a focus on one energy system.
  • Tools to support your spiritual health.
  • Information and discussion around Spiritual emergence, shifts, Dark Night of the Soul experiences
  • spiritual tools, such as crystals, oracle guidance cards, meditations, grounding exercises to continue to support you in your own time
  • Individual meditation exercises if needed
  • Each session is approximately 75 minutes
  • Sessions can be faciliatated online but best experienced in person connection.

 One SOUL COMPASS Session     $140 

Three SOUL COMPASS Sessions  $ 390

Five SOUL COMPASS Sessions  $ 620


Step deeper into wholistic healing your mind, body & spirit!  You are worth it! 


Cash, E-transfer Accepted
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 * All services include taxes and are non refundable.  Please note, Tree of LIfe Energy Wellness has a 24 hour Cancellation Policy. If you need to Cancel your Appointment within 24 Hours, a $25 fee will be applied.  *