Maureen's Journey



My own journey delving into all things unseen, unconsciously began as a child.   At the age of 7, my father was posted to Guildford Surrey, England.  We moved into a house that was 150 years old and full of energy that at the time, to a child, was unnamed.  My first 'spiritual experience' occurred in that home. I would feel, see and experience things that seemed very natural to me.  

I now understand that I was opening up to my intuition. My desire and ability to foster and nurture it would take many different roads...and challenges.  All of which brought me to a deeper understanding and love of the nature of Spiritual Energy in the healing process.


As many of us do, I have been challenged physically, emotionally and spiritually in ways that have been catalysically incredible. I have climbed to the top of the mountain..fallen down, tripped on pebbles and rocks climbing back up and sometimes fallen down again in the process.  I have experienced depression, violence, despair, loneliness, heartbreak and  isolation..and through the other side, I have become ME in the process of experiencing.   I have accomplished many beautiful things in my life and embrace it all including the moments that have caused me struggle.   

As an adult, I returned to University and completed my degree in Psychology and a diploma in Social Service Work.  I was able to begin my career being of service as a Counsellor.  This part of my life has been instrumental in the next chapter of my own growth.

My journey with other forms of healing, took form on a conscious level in the past 10 years.  My own studies began with becoming certified in Reflexology through the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences.  It was through that practice, that I connected with a different kind of energy while working with clients.   There was an innate connection with something other than the physical.  A warmth, an intention, healing that just felt stronger and light filled.  Through my various experiences with energy, I began my journey with Reiki.  Through the various attunements and growth from this, I started to understand that my experiences, insights and experiences as a child, could now be named.  We are all energy.  We and everything around us has a unique vibration...our thoughts, our actions, our hearts...everything is a connection. This connection would resonate at a deeper level, from a trip I was blessed to take to Peru.  

 As a Reiki Master, I feel that I have developed a healthy relationship with energy that I have developed as my own in my healing sessions. I continue to enhance my learnings and am blessed to have connections with many mentors in the field.  In the past year I completed my 3rd level of Integrated Energy Therapy,  which calls upon the Angelic realms for a deeper core healing.  Long aware, from a young age, of the magnitude, vibrancy and sheer loving power of Source energy, I have come to recognize and appreciate how the flow of such can create so much wellness and spiritual connectedness.   Most of the past 15 years of my life has been following a path..planting seeds...much like a tree.  My years of experience as a social worker and energy practitioner has afforded me a unique combination of understanding the heart as I do the body's energy field.  

Dedicated to providing you with a soothing, balancing and energetic experience to feed your mind, body and spirit.   Like a tree bearing fruit...we reach for balance and light.  Our connection to the earth feeds us...the light brings new life!  Reiki and IET strives to bring balance to our whole self and energy field.  Reflexology brings balance on a physiological level through the roots of our body ~ our feet.  A combination of the two brings the two worlds together in a blissful peace.




"I had heard about Maureen's skills as a reflexologist a few years ago when I was suffering from anxiety. I have always been open to alternative treatments so decided to meet with her to see if she could help me. The session was truly transformative for me. In the days following this first visit I started to feel more like myself again, so energized yet at peace.  In the years that have followed I have continued to meet with Maureen periodically when I feel I need grounding and to "get back on track".  Maureen has expanded her practice and I have recently had the pleasure of being treated to a Reiki session.  Maureen's ability to channel and work with energy is truly a gift. My sessions with her are always very powerful and the benefits are noticeable long afterwards. I honestly do not know what I would do without her as she is one of the few people I can turn to when my mind, body and spirit need healing.    Thank you Maureen."