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 "Embracing the Rainbow: Chakra Exploratory Program"


I am so incredibly grateful to the attendees and to Spirit, for guiding me to do this work. This is Energy Coaching!

There is something magical that happens when groups join in safety, openess and growth. Deep learning happens from within. An important first step to healing and Spiritual Development, is understanding who you are, mind, body, soul & energy.

Here's what people are saying about having taken this course: 

With my busy family and work schedules, I do not often get the chance to spend time reflecting on my inner-self and my connection to what is around me. As a first-time participate in the online group sessions with Maureen, it has been an incredible experience that has provided me with the flexibility to explore what I am passionate about. Being able to also surround myself with like-minded individuals who can share similar feelings, beliefs and stories has helped me better understand my own journey.  I appreciate each time we spend together as a group and I look forward to the time when we can continue this journey in person. Brad L.
Maureen's course offering 'Embracing the Rainbow Within' was everything I had hoped it would be and more...  Her excellent preparation of material, which included a detailed description of each chakra, combined with thought-provoking questions, her intuitive sharing, her spiritual communication style, all combined to assist in a deeper understanding of the Chakra System, it's emotional components and the important role that each chakra plays in one's energetic system.  I highly recommend 'Embracing the Rainbow Within'.  I know it will continue to serve me well going forward in my spiritual development.  Gail  
This is more than an information program, it is a working, processing, discussion group identifying and challenging some of the systems that impact our energy centres. Our charge. It's delving in deeper to the psychology of it all. There are well thought out activities and journal prompts to guide you in your soul development.

To do the work, we need to do our work. It has been enlightening for me to work through my program myself, looking at where my charge is depleted and fed. What drives me...what drains me. There are so many aspects to these it is mindblowing! In my own personal studies at the moment, I am discovering the mulit leveled aspects to the incredible energy that lives in, out and around us.

The program is open to all. If you want to do the work, come join in. I will be offering again at the dates below. Platform will be online again.
Program comes with pdf workbook & journal pages, self written Chakra guided meditations to help you clear, balance and align.

The Program Dates are below :
The time for each evening is 6 - 8pm

Course Investment : $140

Tune into the innate healer within, through understanding your Energy recording and storage systems.
Your Chakras.
Energy, and your experiences make sense.
Designed as a self & soul development program, the information will allow for a deeper dive into understanding who you are in your Spiritual evolution, your core wounds and shadow self, at a deeper level psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
An excellent continuing educational experience for Reiki students.
This interactive workshop is offered to men and women.
I will be running this 4 week Program beginning again at the following dates:
Tuesday Nov. 3 : ​ Earth, Root & Sacral Chakra
Tuesday Nov. 10 : ​ Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra
Tuesday Nov. 17 : ​ Throat & Third Eye Chakra
Tuesday Nov. 24 : ​Crown & Soul Star Chakra Includes ​additional information about Spiritual Awakening
Please email me at maureen.morningdove@gmail.com if interested.



"FEELING THE WORLD" Support for Empathic and Sensitive People

Feeling the world? Me too! There is alot to feel in the world right now, right?!

As an earth empath, senstive not only to the emotional body but the earth, including the cosmos, can be tricky to navigate through.! Reconginzing my own patterns, what situations I am sensitive to and how to ground, protect and energize are all very important skills to have.

If you think you can identify as an empath or sensitive being, join in for some groundwork on how to support yourself through the overwhelm.

Knowledge and self empowerment brings all the peices together. Based on the work of Judith Orlaff MD and others, learn about what being an empath is and the difference between being highly sensitve. Find out about the different types of empaths and your super sensitivities.

E booklet provided to you!

Stay tuned for the other courses to make their appearance!

This workshop right now will be ONLINE in ZOOM Format.

DATE: Monday November 30
TIME: 6 - 8 pm
Your Investment in You : $ 55

To Register., please  email me at maureen.morningdove@gmail.com