ANNOUNCEMENT: My healing practice is close for the month of SEPTEMBER. Please check back to book an appt.
ANNOUNCEMENT: My healing practice is close for the month of SEPTEMBER. Please check back to book an appt.
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Covid Protocol for Individual Sessions and Classes

Current health practices as of March 21, 2022
With the changing of the Covid mandates around mask wearing, for personal health reasons, this is where I have chosen to continue to practice.  
I respect people's choice of being vaccinated or unvaccinated.  

Cleaning Protocols:  All shared spaces are cleaned and disinfected before you arrive.  Massage table sheets are clean.  

Before you arrive:  No Covid screener will be sent to you but I do however request that you self screen.  If you have any kind of symptoms at all, I respectfully request that you reschedule.  If you have travelled outside of the country and may be concerned, please reschedule.  

When you arrive:  I will greet you at the door with a mask and request that you wash your hands.  My hands will also be washed.  

Individual Healing Sessions: 

These sessions will remain masked by both the recipient and the practitioner.  Regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not, you are all welcome here. 

In Person Reiki Classes:

My Reiki classes are conducted with a minimum of people (2 or 3) 

In my healing space and the spaces used indoors, I am able to accommodate space to social distance.   

ALL are welcome to attend my classes from this point forward, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not vaccinated.  I will not be asking whether you are and will not disclose any personal information about others in class. I do invite students to take off their mask if they wish when we are sitting socially distancing in my healing room.  If you wish, you can leave yours on.  I remove mine as I am speaking all the time!  I'm happy to share that I am fully vaccinated should you wish to be aware of this.  I will not be screening others at this time.

I do request that students attending self screen for any symptoms, even minor ones and inform me.  

If you are wanting to attend a class, please be sure you are comfortable with either.


Thank you for your understanding and consideration.