Reiki Classes

Following your path with Reiki...

I feel so blessed and honoured to walk this path, stepping deeper into the teachings and tradition of this beautiful energy! I teach from a place of compassion, love and honour the sacredness of this lineage teachings. I also add my own flavour and touch, combining creativity and meditation.

Class Formats
Usui Reiki - First Degreetwo days/12 hour format   $200
-Background information about the founders of the Usui Reiki System
-Discussion of benefits and principles
-Discussion and instruction on basic hand positions for self sessions and sessions for others
-Practice Reiki sessions…self and others
-Regular self Reiki practice and practice on others
Usui Reiki - Second Degree -  two days/14 hours format  $250
- Three Reiki Symbols and how to apply them

-Energy focusing and long distance Reiki
-Energy field scanning
-Techniques for energy balancing
-Maintenance of personal energy field
-Practicum of approximately 20 sessions (20, 30 or 60 min) before moving onto next level.  Please connect regarding your individual experience. 



For my teaching, please allow 6 months between level 2 and beginning the Master Practitioner Level teaching. There is a requirement of having completed Reiki
practicum sessions with your impressions before proceeding to the Master levels. Please connect for more information. I will be booking Master level classes beginning in June. 

The Master Practitioner and Master Teacher classes are taught individually to allow space for student to address individual spiritual and learning needs; to address
deeper levels of healing.   Payment plan of two payments available upon request. 

Usui Master Practitioner Level ( level 3) - Individually taught, 10 hour format.  Five, two hour classes recommended or a different format depending on your schedule.  Please arrange classes. $ 400
-Attunement to Usui Master Symbol
-Master meditation
-Advanced Healing Techniques
-Work with crystals and Reiki crystal grids
-includes practice healing sessions and receiving healing sessions

Usui Master Teacher Level - Individually taught, 14 hour format. 7 classes of two hours each or a different format depending on your schedule. Please arrange classes. $ 500
-Includes review of all training from Master Practitioner Level
-Master/Teacher symbols
-System for passing on attunements
-Values and ethics discussion
-setting up a practice if that is the direction you are moving in
- includes practice healing sessions and receiving healing sessions


Upcoming Classes

Benefits of Reiki include:
- Dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit
-Increases energy levels and connection to self
-Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension
-Clears the mind and improves focus
-Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability
-Aids better sleep

Cash, E-transfer & Credit Card Payment Accepted
Please use contact form to book an appointment.  Invoice will be sent if you wish to pay via credit card.  

Please note that there will be a 3% service fee added if paying by credit card.

 * All services include taxes and are non refundable *