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Following your path with Reiki...

"Reiki opens the doors to Mindfullness, Intuition, Compassion and Gratitude, creating Health, Joy and Harmony"

I feel so blessed and honoured to walk this path, stepping deeper into the teachings and tradition of this beautiful energy! I teach from a place of compassion, love and honour the sacredness of this lineage and it's teachings. I also add my own flavour and touch, combining creativity and meditation.   Learning Reiki is more than learning a tool for healing, it is a journey of soul.   Reiki opens you up to so much and connects you to your inner world. 

Class Formats

Usui Reiki - First Degreetwo days/12 hour format   $200
- Background information about the founders of the Usui Reiki System
- Discussion of benefits and principles
- Discussion and instruction on basic hand positions for self sessions and sessions    for others
- Practice Reiki sessions…self and others
- Regular self Reiki practice and practice on others
Usui Reiki - Second Degree -  two days/14 hours format  $250
- Three Reiki Symbols and how to apply them

- Energy focusing and long distance Reiki
- Energy field scanning
- Techniques for energy balancing
- Maintenance of personal energy field
- Practicum of impressions of approximately 15 sessions of any length before       moving onto next level.  This can include some self Reiki sessions. 

Please connect regarding your individual experience. 

For my teaching, please allow 6 months between level 2 and beginning the Master Practitioner Level teaching. There is a requirement of having completed Reiki practicum sessions with your impressions before proceeding to the Master levels. Please connect to book your individual coaching sessions. 

The Master Practitioner and Master Teacher classes are taught individually to allow space for student to address individual spiritual and learning needs, to address deeper levels of soul healing, processing and connection to energy. 

 Payment plan for Master Level classes available upon request. 

Usui Master Practitioner Level ( level 3) - Individually taught, 10 hour format.  Five, two hour classes recommended or a different format depending on your schedule.  Please arrange classes. $ 400

- Review of any material from level two
- Attunement to Usui Master Symbol
- Master meditation
- Advanced Healing Techniques
- Work with crystals in an energy healing session 

- Recive a Reiki crystal grid cloth and learn how to set up & charge a grid with Reiki   energy
- Includes practice healing sessions and receiving healing sessions

Practicum Reiki Sessions with Impressions required before moving onto next level.  Please discuss this with me if you are ready to proceed.  

Usui Master Teacher Level - Individually taught, 14 hour format. 7 classes of two hours each or a different format depending on your schedule. Please arrange classes. $ 500

Includes review of all training from Master Practitioner Level
- Master/Teacher symbols
- System for passing on attunements
- Values and ethics discussion
- Setting up a practice if that is the direction you are moving in
- Includes practice healing sessions and receiving healing sessions


Upcoming Classes

Usui Reiki Level One                          

Saturday March 14, 2020                    10 - 4pm

Sunday March 15, 2020                       10 - 4:30 pm 

Your investment $200

A $50 Non-Refundable Deposit  is required when Registering for your spot. 

If the class is cancelled or rescheduled by Tree of Life Energy Wellness and the new date does not work, this deposit is returned. If you choose to not attend and notify Tree of Life Energy Wellness, your deposit is non-refundable, but can be used towards another class or treatment. 


Reiki Level One is great for those who want to learn additional energetic tools to cope with stress, treat their friends, family and pets!

The 12 hour format allows for a gentle integration of the energy, discussion, personal sharing and additional tools for you to assist you in your journey. My teaching incorporates elements of personal growth and extensive information about the Chakra System. Learning this modality is more than a tool, its an opportunity to tune into your intuition, higher self and develop stronger connections.

n this class you will learn:

- experience two Reiki Attunements
- the history of Usui Reiki
- the benefits of Reiki
- Usui system Reiki Precepts
- Basic Reiki First Aid
- Basic hand positions for giving a self treatment, chair treatment to
  yourself, your friends and children
- connect with a Reiki Crystal
- discuss basic information about the Chakra system
- engage in a guided meditation to connect with the Chakras,
-learn several Reiki breathing techniques (Jôshin Kokyû Hô:) 
- learn meditation techniques ( Gassho meditation)
- receive and giving Reiki treatments
- a professional manual and Certificate of Completion.

Follow up support to students is available ongoing. Your spiritual journey is important to me.

I utilize the use of palo santos and white sage as a part of my practice, so please let me know of any sensitivities. Come dressed for your comfort. A light snack, tea and water are provided. Please bring a brown bag lunch. You are welcome to the use of the fridge and stove.

A non refundable deposit of $50 is required on or before October 5, 2019 to secure your spot. The balance is due October 18, 2019 or day of training. If cancellation occurs, the deposit may be applied to another training date.
Payment options are e transfer at or cash.


Usui Reiki Level Two                                   Both Days 10 - 5pm

Saturday Feb. 15, 2020  CANCELLED

Sunday Feb. 16,   2020   CANCELLED 

PLease stay tuned for further dates!  

14 hours
Your Investment ~ $250
Non refundable Deposit when registering $50

Reiki Level Two is designed for those who have completed First Degree Reiki, have become acquainted with and practiced the technique and wish to take their understanding, skill set and practice to a new depth. Reiki Level One opens you up to the Journey of Reiki, Reiki Level Two, builds on and intensifies the energy and its applications. Like Reiki level one, I have been guided to teach Reiki in an extended format to allow for discussion and growth. You do not have to have taken Reiki Level One with me to take Level Two.

Throughout the two days you will:
* Receive two level two Reiki Attunments
* connect with a crystal you can learn to use in your healings
*review the Reiki Precepts
*Learning three Sacred Reiki Symbols (Power, Mental/Emotional, *Time/Distance Symbols) learning to connect with them in a uniquely creative way
* utilizing them in healing work
*Learn how to scan the energy body (Scanning)
*Learn how to do Distance Reiki Sendings
*Breathing and meditation techniques to increase the flow of Ki in
your body "Dry Bath' cleansing technique
*Learning uses of symbols such as: Beaming techniques -
sending , manifesting goals, the use of colours in Reiki practice,
* delving deeper into the understanding of Chakra system and energy work.
*Learning the use of the Pendulum in Chakra balancing. Pendulums will be made available for you or you can bring your own! Fun stuff!!
*Practice Reiki sessions using symbols

During the weekend, you will recieve two level two attunements, a professional manual and a certificate of completion.

Healthy snacks and lunch are provided.  Let me know if you have any allergies!

A non refundable amount of $50 is required to register on or before Nov. 5 The remainder of payment is due on or before Nov. 15, 2019.

Payment can be made by e transfer to the email
Please pm me or call me at 613-304-4247 if you are interested in attending!!


Cash, E-transfer  Accepted
Please use contact form to book an appointment

Please note that there will be a 3% service fee added if paying by credit card.

 * All services include taxes and are non refundable *