Intuitive Energy Healing


The energy sessions available to you are Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. If you are confused about what stream of energy work to request, we can chat about it in person when you come in.


 ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting June 1/23, and for some time, I will not be taking any new referrals for individual healing appointments.  You are still welcome to register for classes and courses.  For current clients, you are still welcome to book with me.

 If you are new to Tree of Life and wish to see me, you may book me at Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat.  Wellness Retreat | Ontario | Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat (

There are a mulitude of wonderful healers there for you to access.  

Thank you for understanding.  

Be well. x


Both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy are deeply relaxing and balancing, often being the trigger for your body to naturally balance and heal itself. Energy work assists you on all levels of wellness such as physical, psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual. Clients come in for relaxation and also to assist them in balancing on all levels.

There are different packages available for those who wish to address deeper issues and learn other skills to help them ground, balance and breathe.  The longer packages not only save you money on individual sessions, but allows for more time to learn and integrate.  They also include follow up check ins.  

What I have found in the healing work I do, is that there is more to a person's experience than the experience of energy healing.  Often there are intuitive understandings, conversations, seeds of insight that follow that in and of itself, are healing.   For many of my sessions I enter into the Shamanic practice of Journeying where signs and symbols may be presented to you in your healing. 

Over the past year, I have met many people who are seeking alternative ways of connecting with themselves, finding relaxation and deeper healing.  I have always deeply honoured their stories of healing, their path and the post session sharing.  Combining strength based tools from my career as a Counsellor and my learnings in the esoteric arts of energy healing, I offer a service of Energy coaching.   This is an interesting hybrid of what I have learned and practiced from various fields.  Energy coaching or empowerment sessions,  help you make sense of the energy healing and provide you with various tools that you can continue to use in your life.

If you have found healing in the Reiki or Integrated Energy Healing sessions and wish to experience more, please go to the page for Reiki and Integrated Energy to see information on the various packages.     

Please note that these sessions are not counselling or psychotherapy.  I understand both worlds and respect the boundaries of each.    

Please note, you are welcome to arrive 5 - 10 minutes earlier for your appointment.  The time for the session will begin at the time you schedule. A late arrival does not mean I will be able to go over into the next appointment block.   

With deep gratitude