Intuitive Guidance Readings


                                           (photo credit to Colleen M, sister)

Intuitively Guided Psychic Readings can help support you on your healing path.  A validation, nudge, message from Spirit can go a long way to guide you back on your path.  Strongly believing and working within the framework of empowerment, I invite clients to connect with what resonates and interpret what deeper meanings are there.  I am merely a bridge and a guide to assist you in tapping into your higher wisdom.   I may make suggestions for homework, reflections and tools for deeper self enquiry.  

My Process:

My process with my readings has shifted with my own personal and spiritual growth over the past several years.  In reading your energy and connecting to Divine messaging, I draw on my natural intuitive abilities, my formal Psychic/Mediumship training these past two years, my experience as an Energy Healer, Coach and spiritual mentor, my extensive counselling background and the language of my favourite Oracle card deck.  The cards act as a bridge for me.  I also bring in my knowledge of you! Your unique energy imprint. 

I offer readings as a method to assist you in connecting with your own inner wisdom: your Higher most wise self.  I am merely a guide pointing you to some guide posts you can use free will to access.    My desire is to provide insight and information that will assist you to feel more in your body, grounded, alive and joy filled.  My desire is to help you realize you are SOUL in a physical body wishing to open up to more of who you are.  The readings are not  mediumship readings, however if an energy comes through, it comes through.  

When I connect with you via email, as I do in healing sessions, I will ask you to set your intention if you wish.  I offer a safe, sacred vessel for sharing. 

Once payment is made I will send you a zoom link to join the session.  

Your investment:  45   minutes : $100 


Disclaimer:   My readings in no way replace medical, legal, financial or counselling advice. While I believe in my services completely, the messages I receive are to help guide individuals and are to be used at the sole responsibility of the recipient. I must also state that under Canadian Law my services are for entertainment purposes only and are available only to those 18 years of age and older unless parental permission is given.   There are no refunds for the readings.