Sunflower Medicine


Welcome the emergence of Fall and all it's beauty!  Shifting, learning, growing and emerging.  It's taken some time for me to write this newsletter.  Things of a profound nature require a tenderness in their rendering..

In the early summer months, I have held a focus of supporting  a very dear friend through the ravages of cancer. Someone with whom I have had a very close emotional connection.   My friend, my mentor, my soul sister, Cathy. She transitioned the beginning of July, but before doing so, gave me permission to share her experience.   An experience I am still processing. My heart was, and still is filled with awe, at how connection to each other, to energy, to whatever divinity you connect with...can feel like swimming in pure love.  

That's how I felt in my experience with her. 

In the past few months of her illness, she allowed me to step into her energy field with the love and grace of Reiki healing.    Cathy had known about energy healing for as many years as I was practicing. She was neither a believer or a skeptic. When asked to support her in her illness, which she walked with immense dignity, I was beyond honored.  
Healing is amplified when hearts connect, are open and pure.  Our hearts connected in a place that has felt true for many years.   I continue to feel her energy in the palms of my hands and in my heart.  Through intent and prayer, I open up my channels to receive that Universal divine energy that flows through my crown, to my heart chakra and out through my palms to the recipient.   An openness and willingness to receive allows the strength of that flow to fill you, transporting you to a place of peace. Some say, to your spirit essence.

In my sessions with my dear friend, I saw her whole and healed running through a sunflower field.  At the end of the field, she was greeted by her ancestors that have passed through the years.  They gathered around her and greeted her.   She was strong in body, mind and spirit. 
Whenever I saw this vision, I shared with her and she would say to me that when she was in the energy, her body felt stronger than she ever had even when she was well.  Everytime I was with her, she wanted to experience that.  What an immense gift to share for both of us. 
We talked for hours about what it felt like to know she would die.  I have no regrets she said, only love.  Words that still echo in my ears.
In the days following her transition and at her Celebration of Life, I stopped at the store and brought a single sunflower with me.  I wasn't entirely sure of the significance, but it had to come with me.  

That same week, I was sitting outside eating my dinner on my back steps with my son.  I looked up and directly in front of me was a flower that had never been there.  A sunflower.  A single sunflower amongst my yellow daisies.   A single sunflower looking into my window. 
In all my years playing in my garden I have neither seen or planted a sunflower... 

The sign is clear for me and it's medicine magical.   Sunflowers I have come to understand, reach for the light naturally but when there is darkness, they reach for each other's energy.  
She was a sunflower, with energy she shared soulfully and unselfishly.  We hesitate to reach for others and to share our love, compassion and energy with others out of fear.  Out of I don't know what.  Commitment?  Fear? Uncertainty? Resentment?  Jealousy?  
Sunflowers don't care about those things...they just reach and in the moment, love.  

Everything about my experience with this chapter of my life has been profound and held a deeper meaning for always.  
The beauty in death has shown itself to me in a way I never imagined...don't be afraid.  Connection continues....  

With love & gratitude 


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Finding Zen During the Christmas Season

Christmas, and the season leading up to it, can be as daunting as it is beautiful for some. There is something that almost changes the air we breathe around Christmas. A feeling in our bones. The closeness and connection we feel with Spirit, God or the Universe.  The music, the snow.  And the list goes on.  It can be a magical time of year.

 Then there is the flip side of the coin.  And all of the feelings are neither right or wrong.

The stress associated with spending and expectations around what should be can cause even the merriest people to feel blue. Christmas can bring up emotional stuff still lingering around. Why is that? Visions of sugar plums, glitter all things beautiful, perfect families gathering to carve the turkey. All of those images of loveliness can conjure up expectations of what should be, what might be, what wasn't and what we long for. The grief. The loss. The hopes, dreams and wishes. All seem to converge as though a point of light through a magnify glass.

The following are some tips to consider when navigating through the season. Things to practice to help bring some zen and mindfulness to your experience no matter what side of the coin you experience. Some of them are from articles I have read but also from my own experience and wisdom.


  1. Manage your expectations.  Keep in mind that everyone is going through their own emotions and experience of Christmas.  This time of year represents something different to everyone.  Hold a realistic view that things may not be 'perfect' or people may not be, say or do the things you wish they would.  Try not to take things personally.  Create space for others to have their experience and step away when things become overwhelming.   Step away, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are only responsible for your own feelings.  We are all perfectly imperfect.  Dynamics with family and friends don't necessarily change because its Christmas so manage your expectations around that so you don't feel hurt. 

  2. Take moments of mindfulness.   Admist the busyness of the season, practice the mindful pause. Take conscious moments of mindful stopping and being without judgement.  I will often just stop in the middle of something and bring my awareness to the present moment, in my body and with my breath.  These moments can happen when you are cooking Christmas dinner for example.  Stop, close your eyes and tune into your breath and body.  Mindfully pay attention.

  3. Set boundaries and say no.  The holiday season is a good time to practice boundary setting.  There may be pressure to do and plan different things for friends or family.  Be cognizant of your own energy and your need to be in silence.  You are not missing are going within.  

  4. Connect with nature.  Nature is a beautiful healer.  It is grounding and revitalizing. Carve out some time to go walking in the forest or even around the block.  Make a walk a part of your Christmas day routine.  Go walk around the block and take in the Christmas lights.  Go into the forest for a snowshoe.  If you are an "earther" take the plunge outside for a few minutes in your barefeet!  Your nervous system will thank you. 

  5. Manage your depression and anxiety.  Christmas season can ampllify feelings of anxiety or depression.  Its very important to establish a self care routine during this time if  you find an increase in those feelings.  Think ahead of how you will manage things and make a plan.  Take time out away from people if you need to.  It is ok to put yourself first if you need to.   Plan to take regular breaks from activity to look after yourself.  Read a book.  Journal.  Take a hot bath.  Go to Starbucks and sip a decatant hot chocolate.

  6. Don't over spend.   Be mindful of the commercialism at Christmas and decide to work within your budget.  Say no to gift giving if it means it is creating debt and stress for you.  There are other creative ways to share.  Bake some cookies.  Plan some time with a family member or friend.  Cook someone dinner.  

  7. Be with people who adore you for who you are.  The season can amplify emotions.  Choose to be with people who give you energy and not drain it.  Be with people who are easy to be with and celebrate the things that are important. 

    8.  Practice Gratitudes.  the practice of gratitude shifts the energy and focus.  It brings you to the present moment of what is important.  Purchase yourself a lovely journal and start a daily gratitude journal practice or decorate a jar to place gratitudes in.  Keep it simple.  Sometimes our breath is enough to be grateful for. 

Wishing you wellness of mind, body and spirit during the holidays and always. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for whatever you hang onto going into the new year. 

With much love and gratitude for your continued support! 


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With Love

Hanging in the stairwell going down into my healing room is an abstract painting.  Somewhere on the painting are tiny letters that read, "Love, the reason we are here."   I remember when I wrote those words, I had felt romantic love.  Many years later, those words have deeper meaning and yearning.  Everyday is a day to honour and exhibit love, but February is a highlighter.   

The older I get the wider my definition of love becomes.  The capacity of my heart to love has shifted.  It spills out into everything I do.  What does love look like? 

It looks like unabashed joy when I am out in nature breathing the air and feeling the snow fall gently on my face.  It looks like connection when a likemined soul crosses your path in a serendipitous way.  Its in the gentle hug and touch of an arm of someone you care about.  Or the silent embrace of your child. It lives in the moments you share with your aging parents.  It looks like connection and communion with Spirit.  With whomever you worship. 

It resembles discreet acts of kindness to life changing acts of heroism.  It is the in the air we breath and the water we drink.  It's how we choose to move through our day when we are gripped with lonliness and depression.  It lives in the way we soothe our mind, body and soul.  A great cup of coffee with delectable cream!   Its the many faces of love.

 We all want to love and be loved.  We all want to love and accept ourselves. We sometimes fall into the belief system that love needs to be larger than life...a bright flame that cannot be extinguished.   I believe we have been placed here to love.  To love ourselves, each other and the very nature of our lives.  

In the next few months I will be writing about self care and how to redefine it.  Lets set ourselves up for success.  Now go and breathe in the deliciousness of at least one moment in your day!  Love lives there.  



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Bringing Hope, Peace and Joy into 2018

Its difficult to capture the essence of all the Gifts presented to me in my life in 2017. 
On this frosty day, as I sit in the warmth and coziness of my living room, I reflect on a year well lived.  I lived my year well. And I smile strongly, as I have many times during the year, with this recognition.  With my sharing, I invite you all to reflect with me on the rememberance of the beauty of 2017.  The little moments our psyche forgets.  And with that rememberance, bring that light into 2018. 
My year, as for many of us, was a year of Me.  Of my growth.  It was in the stars.
What I learned about myself through the beauty of sacred interaction with important people in my life, is this.  I learned that I can and should allow moments of vulnerability.  Vulnerability without judgement of self.  Vulnerability without the need or feeling of then trying to recoup any damages from being vulnerable but just allowing and trusting in the love of others.  
Its difficult to be vulnerable when you have always demonstrated strength and perseverance.   
My biggest learning this past year is to not apologize for needing you.  Or anyone.  And to sink into truth in vulnerability.  We are not always strong and that is ok.  
What I have learned this past year is that I fell in love with Ireland.   My heart and soul is truly living there through this life, and as I learned, through many past lives.  I have a deep rememberance of her.  I was so fortunate to experience her with my dear sister who helps me in more ways that she knows.  
What I felt this past year is a deeper connection and love for my family.   I have enjoyed and treasured the times I have spent this past year and rejoice in planning more specialness in 2018.  Let's make it happen!  I have also serendipitously crossed paths with some new likeminded friends.  
What I have stepped into in 2017, and further into 2018, is a Journey of acceptance of where I am in life.  This year I will be 55 in earth years and have pushed past the veil of fear around this.  Where I am in life at this juncture and what to embrace as I age.  I have had the blessings of hearing similar feelings from some of my soul sisters and invite you on this journey with me.  In 2017 I have joined a group of women in Grandmother Teachings about embracing life in the Northern years.  As a part of that journey I have been reflecting on my life at each stage.  I have been beading my moccasins to take the next step into this stage of life.  I look forward to the continued reflections and learnings in this beautiful tradition.  
Whatever it is you have experienced in the past year, honour it all in the language of Love.  Remember the moments and remind yourself that you always have the power to create more moments.  You DO.  I invite you to stop wishing and start doing.  
We are all Spirits having a Human experience.  Our time on this planet is brief, yet expansive.  Time is accelerating and there is no going back in time.   I felt that deeply this past year.
Practice being in the moment and deeply, truly, madly LOVING that moment in time.  
Practice letting go of attachment to people, places, things, expectations.
That is where my human Journey is taking me in 2018.   
I wish you all a beautiful, healthy, happy, JOYfilled and loving new year!!  Today is just the first day but you have the power to make every day feel like a new day.  
With love & gratitude for your loving support.  xo
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Change In The Midst of Everything

The only constant in change.  It never disapoints and always shows up.  Sometimes when we least expect it.  Sometimes we most welcome it.  
I used to cringe at the thought of change.  Change was synonmous to fear with a capital F.  Change and challenge meant I didn't have control over aspects of my life I needed to in order to feel safe, soft and familiar.  Turns out it is all an illusion.  I actually don't have control.

That concept took me a long time on my spiritual path to comprehend and to embrace.   This past year has been thick with my employment, some of my friendships and relationships, my heart, feelings.  None of which were welcome, but all which did occur.   So how DO we move from into the unknown, embracing it without being pulled under?  

Simple.  We stop fighting it. 

And in the stopping of fighting it, you allow yourself to sink into the feeling and muck of it for a short time and allowing it space to heal.   Following a recent sojourn to Ireland, while experiencing the power of the big water and rough landscape, something in it made me think of changes.  Transitions.  As the water beats against the shore, it constantly shifts the look of the landscape and shore.  Its mighty and fierce but still beautiful.  Then when it subsides, we realize that nothing really has changed.  The landscape is still there.  And it is still beautiful.

We are still there.  We don't get as lost as we feel we do.  That is an illusion.  We have the strength to move through challenges and changes.  We have the courage to open the door, leave what is familiar and begin a new journey.  Whether an actual journey or a metaphorical journey.  

I share my humaness in this struggle as i realize that being a spiritual being is also awareness that not everything is simple, easy or smooth.   We learn.  We grow, as we allow the waters of change, challenge and transition to crash against our shores. 

With love & light, 



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Women We Love

I have been deeply pondering lately, what it IS to be a woman. All parts of it.

My relationships with women. What is like to be a woman in the context of today’s world. In the context of our own families, our mothers, sisters and daughters. Seems like a fitting them for the month of May when we celebrate Beltane and Mother’s Day.

I haven not always celebrated being a woman. Challenges have at times felt insurmountable. It has only been in the past decade where pieces of who I really am have seeped through my consciousness and spoke to me in brand new ways. You begin to see yourself in a different light.

I have been fortunately blessed with a rich circle of true, deeply authentic women in my life. Women who have celebrated my joy as much as talked me down from my sadness. Women who know my soul love despite not seeing me often. They feel it and know it as I know theirs. I have equally been blessed to have a wonderful mother. I appreciate that not everyone has a close relationship with their mother and that mother-child wound can run deep. I treasure that connection as I would a gift, honouring the woman who carried me for 9 months, gave birth to me and held me. And when my mother is gone, I can ask the question “Was I loved”? And I can without hesitation say, yes, I was. And that is enough for me.

The joy of being a parent is at its heart, the purest form of love I have ever experienced. I remember the sacred ecstacy of giving birth to my son, despite the challenging circumstances in my life, and feeling that if my higher power, God, the Universe decided that this was my time to leave, I was at peace. I was at peace because I felt, drank in a closeness, a love far deeper than any defined words for it.

For those of you who have a mother you love, celebrate that closeness.

For those of you who don’t, wrap your sisters, your close friends and matriarchs around you and celebrate that.

For those of you who ARE mothers. Celebrate the incredible miracle you created and how the beautiful pieces of you will go on in their Spirit.

And for those who desire a longing to be a mother, remember that you are loved and never alone in the Universe.

Much love xo




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Spiritual Growth

Spirit speaks to us in many forms and manners.  We are always being downloaded with signs and symbols that urge us forward in our growth.   Sometimes those signs come to us from earth Angels, human beings with light in their hearts.  I recently am paused by a message about being spiritual.   

Why do we choose to be spiritual? How do we choose to be spiritual? For many, my self included, spirituality can be forged from a catalyst, an event that plunges us into questioning.  A life event, a breakup, a loss of another sort. We seek comfort in the signs, symbols, words and meaning found in Spirit or Source.  Or God. We seek it and it hugs us in those moments we cry out.  


Sometimes we just exist in spiritual form.  In spiritual truth.  

We don't become more spiritual to be not feel try and control the outcomes of our lives.  We don't become more spiritual to avoid living, doing and breathing in life.  We become more spiritual because we can.  It is our essence and truth. We become who we came here to BE.  

I am sharing this from a place of being human and vulnerable.  I am reminded that becoming spiritual is not an ends to a means.  Do we delve deeply feeling as though there will be a golden prize at the end of though the measure of spirituality will help manifest what we sometimes avoid in life?  

I am loving how Spirit has brought me to this place of knowing and growing. 

~ Namaste


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Sisters Rising

The month of march honours the emergence of Spring and International Woman’s Day.   

2017 is a powerful year of hope, change and stepping off the known path into something completely unknown.  It is the year of the Goddess Awakening and the Return of the Divine Feminine.   Its an important time for women to redefine their role and importance in their lives and the lives of others.  

It’s a time of encouraging and supporting others at their worst and best of times.  

Which isn’t always easy.  

I have of late, heard much talk about competition in the Spiritual community.  The haves and the have nots.   It exists, as it does in most communities.  It is life.  It challenges us to rise above it and be where we are with Grace and Light.   

This is my year, as it is all of YOUR year.  We are women.  We are strong.  We plant the seed and don’t just watch it grow.  We nurture it with strong and creative passion.   We all do our part.  We are all important in every action, every word, deed and doing.  It all matters.  

So please don’t question your part.  Be on your path in the way that you can and are.  Each step that you take towards your soul purpose IS the purpose.  The destination is not the prize…the journey is.   And along the journey, pick up a pebble on the path and offer it to a sister, a friend, a mother, a daughter, a fellow healer.   Offer it as a token of support and love.

With love & Gratitude for who you are xo

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Love.  I feel it wrapped around me like a woolen shawl I have carefully knit.   

The month of February is well renowned for being the month of love, marked by Valentine’s Day. Often cringed at by those whose hearts have not found their life mate.  What If you shifted your kaleidoscope lens to see the many faces of love?

Love.  I feel it wrapped around me everywhere.   Anytime.  Strong in its vibration, love looks like so many different things and wears so many appearances. Love is not something that lives in some glamourous unreachable place.   This past month alone, I have been blessed to notice.

I recently experienced a powerful download of a realization of myself.    I was swept away with a deep seated love for myself, that came out of nowhere.   As I stepped into my shower,  a crystal clear intuition occurred to me..what if in this moment, at this time I loved everything about myself.  Everything within and without just as it is.   I saw myself as beautiful, whole and I loved what I saw.   

As someone held and supported me while I cried with sad news...I felt love.  And in turn, returned love when they wept.

As I embraced a friend who had had a loss, I felt love.  

I felt deep love when a soul sister friend smiled and was full of hope in her illness..

I felt love over a grilled cheese and tomato soup with my son...

I felt love in the sunset...the snow laden trees...the crisp air….the warmth and solace of my house.   Love lives in all of these places.  

Simple wisdom yet wisdom we all soon forget.  

Be where you are in  your life and in your heart.  Look hard for the love around you in things, situations and people, in nature, because it is there.

That little girl who marched to her own drum.  I love and cherish you.  That youth who was lost..I love and know you did the best you could.  I love you too.  The mother, the counsellor, the energy healer, the friend, lover, builder, daughter, sister, Goddess and wild woman...I love each and every part of you.

I invite you to reach deeper, further, longer for the loves in your life. 

Much love... 

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Ode to 2016..I am Grateful

As I settle into my chair to write this, my mind and heart is flooded with memories of year past.  Like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, the pieces of my year float together with some sort of energetic glue making them all...well, fit.  They all fit together as they should.

I, like many, have a consciousness and direct experience of how difficult this past year has been.  And as I use that word 'difficult' I hesitate at the meaning and the vibration of it, but the reality is, that it has been an enormously challenging year physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.  But it has also been a most beautiful year.  Beautiful because it has been hard.  Beautiful because in the hardness of it all, I, and those I have had the pleasure of holding space with, have been able to hold a flame of light in it all.   Sometimes not a big one...but a flame nonetheless.   We hold it and honour still the breadth and depth of our feelings in whatever is going on in life.  

We have a choice moving into 2017.  We can choose to reflect still on how difficult the last year was. What we have lost.  Who was mean to us. Our fear and insecurities we focused on.  Or we can choose to learn from it, reap the growth, truly let go (not just talk about doing so) and recognize even the tiny flames of hope.  As we move forward, I choose to let go of the challenges that caused me pain.  I choose to not dwell on the immense completion of a long cycle in my life that caused me immeasurable heartache...or challenging friendships and difficulties.   I honour your place in my 2016 for helping me solidify where I stand in my world.  For helping me see new strengths I never knew I had.  For helping me step into my own Divine power as a woman.  I thank you and I honour the role you played in the Master Plan of my life.   

But now it's time for you to go.  I watch and listen as you gently blow away on a gust of wind on this winter day.   The snow is falling gently outside and tears well in my eyes.  Not out of sadness but a recognition of a deep sense of re-birth, confidence and truth.  I am filled with a new hope as I empty my Gratitude Jar filled with pieces of my life I celebrated throughout last year.  

I wish all of you such a peaceful year ahead.  Remember your humaneness, your vulnerability, your growth and your pain.  Honour it and then say goodbye with love and light.  Honour Mother Earth, Pachamama, the Stars, the mystery of the Moon cycles. Be grateful for your place in it all.

Everything you are IS Enough. 

Love and Blessings ~ Maureen


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