Feeling the World - Signs of an Empath

What Is an Empath?

An empath is a person who has a paranormal ability to sense and absorb the emotions and energies of the people and surroundings they encounter. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Sharon Saline, "Empaths have strong intuition and use it as their primary lens for processing the world around them. They are highly intuitive people who feel emotional and physical sensations on an extremely deep level, and intellectualizing those feelings is tough for them to do."

Signs of being an empath are: high sensitivity, generous hearts who may give too much to others, quick to respond to someone's needs. Because empaths naturally internalize other people's feelings, thoughts, and pain, empaths have a very difficult time distinguishing between other people's emotions and their own, which leads to extreme anxiety and emotional burden. Empaths can be easily overwhelmed in intimate relationships or in highly emotional situations. They need time alone, especially in nature, to recharge.

33 Signs That You Are an Empath

  1. You're perceived as being highly sensitive
  2. You have a strong sense of knowing (you can read people and situations)
  3. You find public places overwhelming
  4. Strangers easily unload their emotions on you
  5. You absorb the emotions of others even when they're not near
  6. You are highly curious and are drawn to spirituality and the metaphysical
  7. You are drawn to ancient cultures
  8. You are naturally curious about your history and ancestral lineage
  9. You have a nose for the truth
  10. You experience sudden physical pain, suffering, or illness
  11. You cannot tolerate worldly news, radio, T.V., newspapers, violence, or cruelty
  12. You commonly experience digestive disorders and back pain
  13. You have an addictive personality
  14. You are drawn to holistic, natural healing and all things metaphysical
  15. You are creative and inquisitive
  16. You need regular solitude
  17. You get bored and distracted easily
  18. You love nature and animals
  19. You love being in water
  20. You sense the energy of food
  21. You seek answers and knowledge
  22. You root for the underdog and the underprivileged
  23. You cannot tolerate clutter
  24. You cannot tolerate restrictive clothing or jewelry
  25. You love freedom, travel, adventure, and the road less traveled
  26. You are an old soul
  27. You cannot tolerate narcissism
  28. You can be perceived as moody, aloof, or disconnected
  29. You detest doing things you don't enjoy
  30. You instinctively feel time, days of the week/month, weather, or direction
  31. You dislike antique, vintage, or secondhand items
  32. You are great listeners
  33. You only have a few close friends