Children's Healing


After almost 20 years working with children in a counselling capacity, it feels like a beautiful transition into combining that knowledge with my knowledge of energy work.    Stepping outside the arena of traditional counselling work, there is a natural place for children to learn techniques to deal with things such as anxiety, stress, conflict and managing everyday emotions of life.  

How is this accomplished?  I believe that chilren have an innate capacity to 'see' beyond what is seen.  I believe that children have an ability, with the right support, to learn how to tap into and read thier own energy and use it to assist them in so many things. 

Through the use of meditation, understanding how the chakra system of energy operates within and without, listening to and accessing their special senses, children can learn to calm their bodies and mind.   With these exercises, children can also gain their natural ability to see beyond their senses and tap into their intuitive Spirit.  

Working together, we can discuss your child's needs and develop an energetic plan to help them blossom!  

Tapping into their individual needs does not necessarily mean that they need to lie still on a massage bed.  There is healing that happens through conscious interaction and connection with children.  


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