Online Spiritual Workshops


"FEELING THE WORLD" Support for Empathic and Sensitive People

Feeling the world? Me too! There is alot to feel in the world right now, right?!

As an earth empath, senstive not only to the emotional body but the earth, including the cosmos, can be tricky to navigate through.! Reconginzing my own patterns, what situations I am sensitive to and how to ground, protect and energize are all very important skills to have.

If you think you can identify as an empath or sensitive being, join in for some groundwork on how to support yourself through the overwhelm.

Knowledge and self empowerment brings all the peices together. Based on the work of Judith Orlaff MD and others, learn about what being an empath is and the difference between being highly sensitve. Find out about the different types of empaths and your super sensitivities.

E booklet provided to you!

This workshop right now will be ONLINE in ZOOM Format for now.  Once I fully open up, the workshop will be made available in person.  

TIME: 6 - 8 pm
Your Investment in You : $65

Evite will be made avaialble soon but please email me if you wish to register for now.