An Empath’s Manifesto: Navigating as a Sensitive Being

Empaths and sensitive beings are finding each other.  They are connecting like root systems of a tree, intertwining and finding support in the nourishment that give each other.  In a world of change and shifts, that recognition as someone who embodies the senses, has become even more important.  

That self recognition and level of acceptance, is paramount to spiritual growth.  It no longer is a question of pretending to be someone you are not.  The collective we, are here to experience the world in a deeper, richer way.  

I speak for the collective and as a self identified emotional, earth, cosmic empath and highly sensitive being.   My words reflect many who have crossed my path, including most aspects of myself I try to hide at times. Still.

As a sensitive being, I struggled with that part of myself for many years. 

We see and feel the dark side of life.  
We see and feel the light side of life.  
It’s as though we are born with extra sensory receptors and heightened awareness of beauty, as much as pain.  We are multi sensory and pick up on the seen, unseen vibrations of everything around us.  Too many emotions in one room feels like being in a stadium with speakers turned just on you. 

When we see you in pain, we feel you.  If we can’t help you, we weep with you.  And in our weeping, we feel you as though you are our own heart.  And when we are not with you, we heal you through our intentions and feelings. 

Where your feelings end and ours begins, is sometimes a challenge for us.  

When we feel joy, we radiate from the inside out.  In appreciation for beauty we feel my deepest connection to God, Source, Spirit and Universe.   The vastness and beauty of the Uinverse is almost too much to bear in it’s infinite nature. 

Words hurt us.  We feel them like knives in our heart. At times we are accused of being too sensitive or paranoid but what people don’t understand, is that these words have a vibration we feel.  

We love deeply. And that sometimes comes with a price when love is not returned.  Being emotional, loving and giving is our default setting and can sometimes feel painful when we are left out or not nurtured in return.  

When we experience something deeply, we can connect to that essence of grace.  If you have been know what I mean.

We are sometimes quiet, moody and distant.  As much as we are engaging.  Negativity and energy can overwhelm us, as do sensitivities to sound and other sensations.  

We are often apologetic for things we don’t even know we have done.. thinking, knowing or perceiving we may have hurt someone, is more painful at times than being hurt ourselves.  

We hear What you are not saying.  But we don’t say anything because we are accused of being too sensitive or paranoid.  So we just feel it. Hard for empathy who value communication as an essential part of life. 

We are highly intuitive and feel the world in heightened ways.  When the world is in crisis, we feel it and it will show up in our interpersonal relationships at times.  

Many human beings experience the world in this way.  What sets empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs) apart, is their self identification and recognition of each other.  Their recognition of their highly perceptive and sensory input, output and ability to feel heightened aspects of their own emotions.  And others.  

Many of us have spent their lives apologizing for their emotional selves, stumbling into situations where they feel they have to overly explain themselves at the risk of being ostracized.  Many have been left aside, not being understood and ridiculed for being too much, too little or too big. 

Many in my personal world are beautiful empathic beings.   They feel beauty.  
They feel pain.  

Some have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety throughout their lives.  Some live life on their own terms experiencing the world unapologetically.   

At this time in life, we celebrate the raw nerve endings that our bodies host.  
We celebrate the insight and reflection we are able to tap into.
And we celebrate feeling you.  

In the words of my beautiful friend...” You are beautiful, because you feel’.   

Much love to you feeling sweeties. 

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