Happy Christmas & Festive Yuletide Season


We have arrived! It's Christmas time. I'm sending this out later, on Christmas evening, having enjoyed a beautiful time with my son, daughter in law and parents.

I hope that you have all found a way to celebrate with loved ones, despite the barriers these times have created. It feels as though the energy of the season has been lingering in the air for many months. More so than other years. We grab onto that feeling of lightness, love and peace of heart. It's a feeling that builds for months, making us smile. You feel the difference in the air.

And then it's done. Many people I know acknowledge the contrast of that feeling of the season and the closure of it. Some call it Christmas blues. Others call it Christmas let down. Some describe it as a feeling of finality when it ends. Just eager to put everything away and pack it all up. I call it being a feeling and empathic human.

Experiencing deeper feelings connected to Christmas is a beautiful thing. Anything in life we experince that brings us sweet joy, also has the capacity for sweet sorrow when it ends. During this challenging year, we reach far for things that fuel us with that sweet feeling of connectedness.

How do we hang onto that feeling that Christmas brings? How do we cultivate it outside of the Season?

This year, the pivotal pandemic year, has made me feel different about Christmas. As for many, the practical reasons for that difference around not being able to have family together in the same way we have...or gather for service..or hug each other. All of those things were missed of course. But this year, I saw Christmas more on a continuum than any other year. Christmas is one day, but the sentiment, the spirit and peace that builds, doesn't need to be one day. It's a season. An inner season. Creating a space inside where you are able to capture the essence of Christmas season, is possible. Creating an ongoing sense of inner peace, love, connection and kindness brings the gifts of Christmas to us and beyond!

The season of Yuletide extends to the end of the month so I encourage you all to continue to celebrate and keep that inner Christmas fire burning.

As we move closer to 2021, I wish you continued peace of mind and heart. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for your connection with me. Thank you for supporting me in what I love to do. Happy sweet New Year!! 2021, I am ready!!

Wishing you a continued happy heart.

Maureen xo


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