You Are Here

It's been some time since I've written.  I have a collection of thoughts in my head that wanted to be put onto paper, but I have just not been able to do so.  

So here I am.  Here you are.  

Yesterday was yet another announcement that we will be lock down at yet another level.  You are probably all tired of people writing and talking about it, but here I am about to do so.  

There are so many opinions and social stances on what is happening around the world right now.  About what is happening in Ontario.  In our own city.  And amidst all of it, we have little control except for how we navigate our inner world.  A cliche I know, but in this instance, it couldn't be more truer.  

We, in my opinion, may never have another opportunity like this to strengthen our inner landscape, stretch our limits, fortify our spiritual connections.  Since last June I have been doing some conscious diving into my own spiritual development, including accessing my own connection to my psychic abilities and to Spirit.  It has been eye opening for me and allowed a deeper presence within this tornado we are in. 

This deep silence we are in, is a beautiful time to learn to be alone with your beating heart and to the source of divine energy, however you choose to name it.  It's time to see the world, and your life, in a different way.  

So how do you do this when there is so much anger and turmoil right now? 

You allow yourself to be where you are.  All of it.  

Spiritual people often get meemed as being love and light with nothing in between.  I feel that collective fatigue, anger and hurt as you do.  I feel that existential impact on the world.  I feel the fear around losing our societal rights and freedoms it feels.  I feel the sadness of having fewer and fewer choices.  I cry. I am mad and I rebel. 

But then I rest.  I consciously choose to not be a prisoner of this.  We have control over our own energy, where we put it and how we nurture it.  Dive in, breathe, make tea.  Repeat. 

You are here.  I am too.  We are all here. And you know that universal life speak to?  They are here also.  

Speak then listen.  Know you have the support on a different level.  

With love & gratitude


An intuitive message for the collective: 

Know that the sun will continue to rise each morning.  Wake up with new hope and radiance in your heart.  Summer Solstice marks a time of newness and warmth.  Allow it's energy to draw you in and give you something to look forward to.  Allow Father Sun to burn away any of your worries or fears about the future.  Get outdoors for some fresh air and nurture your inner light!  Don't let any negative thoughts or habits stop you.  No matter what, find and radiate that Inner Light.  


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