Finding Stillness Amidst the Chaos

Finding Stillness Amidst the Chaos

"When we are at our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change."

I, like many, have been reflecting on the teachings, the medicine, that comes with the events that are unfolding before us, to us and within us.  

It’s realness hasn’t peaked for many as we methodically try to navigate through this new normal.   It’s like waking up from a bad dream each morning only to remember that the dream is the reality.  

It’s so important to honour where each of us is in this space of uncertainty.  The emotions are high, impacting our day to day relationships, despite the distance from each other.  Those who suffer from anxiety and loneliness, are stretched beyond imaginable pain. I want to honour their courage through this all.  I want to honour each of our own struggles and emotions and grief. We have, indeed, lost, shifted and cancelled our plans. We have...stopped moving and doing. 

We are in the Beingness of life.

There are some deep teachings in this. 

There are some deep gratitudes in this.  

I have my own suffering in this.  But, I have to share that I have had some deep moments of grace, understanding how the spiritual aspects and energy line up in all of this.  

We, as human, as spiritual beings have all done the insurmountable.  We have in unison...just stopped. We are joined together in the energetic ribbon of just Being.  Holding space around the world with and for each other. Regardless of religion...regardless of colour..regardless of politics...regardless of age, sex, economic status...we are joined as ONE in our stillness.   This mass awakening is something that has been amping up and arriving in this Aquarian Age. We can do this. We can breathe together, rise together. 


And in our stillness, the lungs of Mother Earth are moving and breathing new life into us, this planet.  Her Chakra system is aligning in the most beautiful way, healing Herself and healing us through her healing.   As an earth empath, I regularly stand on the earth and listen to her voice. I tune into what she feels and wants us to know.  I feel her frequency shifting.  

We hibernate not by choice, but to help heal each other and to help heal Her.  


In a time of a disease that impacts the lungs...mother earth’s lungs are breathing more rapidly.  Let her lungs breathe for you and sustain you.  


What I have learned during this time, for myself, is that connection is more powerful than anything else.  But connection to our own soul, is undeniably precious. Forced into social isolation, we can choose to use this time wisely to examine what stopping and being mean to us.  


Create.  Read. Journal.  Produce something.  Breathe. Walk. Mindfully dive into your very existence.  Slow down. Be wild. Embrace your inner hippie. Stretch.  Dance. Cry. Scream. Let it be hard. Then let it be lighter.  Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself daily hugs. Be human.  

Remember that Spring will still spring.  The birds will still sing and the buds germinate below the frozen ground...


I wouldn’t choose this manner of isolation for my life either.  But slowing to a deeper meditative pace so I can examine my life and soul?  This is a gift that will rarely come again in my life time.  


And when this is over…. Wow, celebrate the hell out of how wonderfully you navigated through this!  Take a look in your soul and note how very different you feel, act, appreciate the Life of Beingness.  


Stay well.  Stay real. Stay connected first and foremost, to Self & Soul.  Stay bountiful, blissful and beautiful.

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