Joy In Simple Spirituality - Winter Musings


Welcome cozy souls, to the season of winter.   A time to slow our roll and rhythm, to rest, repose and go within for a season of contemplation.   So pour yourself a hot chocolate or a cup of your favorite herbal tea and meet me in that space.  

Several years ago I was introduced to the Danish concept of Hygge

hyg·ge/ˈh(y)o͞oɡə,ˈho͝oɡə/  - a quality of coziness and comfort

Hygge lifestyle encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well being          through enjoying the simple things in life.  Hygge lifestyle is about keeping things simple and creating a calming mindset.  How can we apply this concept to our inner spiritual life?   Creating a simply mindful way of being, is a step in the right direction of soul soothing comfort.  The concept of Hygge and the search for spiritual enlightenment are both fueled by a shared need for comfort and connection.  In this season of comfort and joy, I reflect on what it means to be simply spiritual.  Hygge spirituality. 

Regardless of whether you pray, meditate, chant or commune with a higher power in a church, park or home, what gives you comfort, has merit.  What you believe and practice, has merit.  So many get caught up in how spiritual they are in comparison to others or what society deems to be spiritual.   We get lost in the merit of what we ourselves believe or practice.   We forget what true connections are to us.  What Spirit means to us.  

Throughout my life, in my own spiritual growth, I have always felt that my sense of spirituality lives deeply in my soul and is...very organic and simple.   I light a candle and feel a connection to God, Source, Spirit and the Universe.  I feel my feet grounded and feel that connection.  I sit in meditation or in a Reiki session and I feel Spirit.  I sit in church and feel equally connected.   All experiences have beautiful merit.      

You are a soul.  You have a soul.  You, your beliefs and practices are seen, celebrated and revered.  

This Christmas season, I support you in connecting to the All you believe in and connect with, in whichever way, however simply you connect.  I have no doubt you are seen and heard.  

Wishing you a sacred Christmas Season!


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