Light and Dark

With the arrival of winter, many of us seek comfort, warmth and solace.  While animals are seeking places to lay their heads for the winter, there is a sense of us also, going inward to ourselves and spending time slowing ourselves down. I love the month of December for so many reasons.  Winter Solstice, December  21,  marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year.   For myself, it is a beautiful symbolic marker in the year, warming me to the idea of stepping into the light to be brighter than ever.  It marks a time of the year to look back and let go of any darkness before entering the new year.  

Christmas season, holds for me, a light, a peacefulness like no other.  Throughout my life, no matter where I was or what circumstances, my heart felt filled.   

The month of December for me, is Light.

But it has also been Darkness.

This whole month reminds me of the light and dark we all hold and sometimes struggle with.  Myself included.  When we are in pain, in grief, in loss...we feel that the darkness will envelope us mercilessly and never let us go.  Our psyche somehow allows us to forget that we have been able at times, sometimes even brief moments, to capture the light like a firefly in our hands.  

We have been able to light that flame and stare into it past our difficult circumstances.   

This season can be just as challenging as it is beautiful for many.  So many struggle with expectations of joy in the season, of family, financial burdens and what feels like the magnification of loss or loneliness in our lives.  Sometimes being in the light is impossible because we can not see it yet.  

I acknowledge the light.  I acknowledge the dark.  Both have stolen my heart at times and touched my soul.   It is the human condition.  I don’t pretend it is not there and I greet it softly and gently.

 Wherever you are in your life, in this month of light and dark, know that you are not alone.  The Heavens light the way for you.  The stars sparkle no matter what occurs.  Take some time to journey inward this month to all that has been beautiful, peaceful and joyful for you.  Remind yourself of this.  Light one candle in the dark for yourself.  Look deep into the flame and be reminded.   Even for a moment.  


You are supported.


Much love and blessings for you this month and Holiday Season.  May your heart be filled with rememberance that no matter are never alone in the Universe.  


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