Ode to 2016..I am Grateful

As I settle into my chair to write this, my mind and heart is flooded with memories of year past.  Like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, the pieces of my year float together with some sort of energetic glue making them all...well, fit.  They all fit together as they should.

I, like many, have a consciousness and direct experience of how difficult this past year has been.  And as I use that word 'difficult' I hesitate at the meaning and the vibration of it, but the reality is, that it has been an enormously challenging year physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.  But it has also been a most beautiful year.  Beautiful because it has been hard.  Beautiful because in the hardness of it all, I, and those I have had the pleasure of holding space with, have been able to hold a flame of light in it all.   Sometimes not a big one...but a flame nonetheless.   We hold it and honour still the breadth and depth of our feelings in whatever is going on in life.  

We have a choice moving into 2017.  We can choose to reflect still on how difficult the last year was. What we have lost.  Who was mean to us. Our fear and insecurities we focused on.  Or we can choose to learn from it, reap the growth, truly let go (not just talk about doing so) and recognize even the tiny flames of hope.  As we move forward, I choose to let go of the challenges that caused me pain.  I choose to not dwell on the immense completion of a long cycle in my life that caused me immeasurable heartache...or challenging friendships and relationships...work difficulties.   I honour your place in my 2016 for helping me solidify where I stand in my world.  For helping me see new strengths I never knew I had.  For helping me step into my own Divine power as a woman.  I thank you and I honour the role you played in the Master Plan of my life.   

But now it's time for you to go.  I watch and listen as you gently blow away on a gust of wind on this winter day.   The snow is falling gently outside and tears well in my eyes.  Not out of sadness but a recognition of a deep sense of re-birth, confidence and truth.  I am filled with a new hope as I empty my Gratitude Jar filled with pieces of my life I celebrated throughout last year.  

I wish all of you such a peaceful year ahead.  Remember your humaneness, your vulnerability, your growth and your pain.  Honour it and then say goodbye with love and light.  Honour Mother Earth, Pachamama, the Stars, the mystery of the Moon cycles. Be grateful for your place in it all.

Everything you are IS Enough. 

Love and Blessings ~ Maureen


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