Sunflower Medicine


Welcome the emergence of Fall and all it's beauty!  Shifting, learning, growing and emerging.  It's taken some time for me to write this newsletter.  Things of a profound nature require a tenderness in their rendering..

In the early summer months, I have held a focus of supporting  a very dear friend through the ravages of cancer. Someone with whom I have had a very close emotional connection.   My friend, my mentor, my soul sister, Cathy. She transitioned the beginning of July, but before doing so, gave me permission to share her experience.   An experience I am still processing. My heart was, and still is filled with awe, at how connection to each other, to energy, to whatever divinity you connect with...can feel like swimming in pure love.  

That's how I felt in my experience with her. 

In the past few months of her illness, she allowed me to step into her energy field with the love and grace of Reiki healing.    Cathy had known about energy healing for as many years as I was practicing. She was neither a believer or a skeptic. When asked to support her in her illness, which she walked with immense dignity, I was beyond honored.  
Healing is amplified when hearts connect, are open and pure.  Our hearts connected in a place that has felt true for many years.   I continue to feel her energy in the palms of my hands and in my heart.  Through intent and prayer, I open up my channels to receive that Universal divine energy that flows through my crown, to my heart chakra and out through my palms to the recipient.   An openness and willingness to receive allows the strength of that flow to fill you, transporting you to a place of peace. Some say, to your spirit essence.

In my sessions with my dear friend, I saw her whole and healed running through a sunflower field.  At the end of the field, she was greeted by her ancestors that have passed through the years.  They gathered around her and greeted her.   She was strong in body, mind and spirit. 
Whenever I saw this vision, I shared with her and she would say to me that when she was in the energy, her body felt stronger than she ever had even when she was well.  Everytime I was with her, she wanted to experience that.  What an immense gift to share for both of us. 
We talked for hours about what it felt like to know she would die.  I have no regrets she said, only love.  Words that still echo in my ears.
In the days following her transition and at her Celebration of Life, I stopped at the store and brought a single sunflower with me.  I wasn't entirely sure of the significance, but it had to come with me.  

That same week, I was sitting outside eating my dinner on my back steps with my son.  I looked up and directly in front of me was a flower that had never been there.  A sunflower.  A single sunflower amongst my yellow daisies.   A single sunflower looking into my window. 
In all my years playing in my garden I have neither seen or planted a sunflower... 

The sign is clear for me and it's medicine magical.   Sunflowers I have come to understand, reach for the light naturally but when there is darkness, they reach for each other's energy.  
She was a sunflower, with energy she shared soulfully and unselfishly.  We hesitate to reach for others and to share our love, compassion and energy with others out of fear.  Out of I don't know what.  Commitment?  Fear? Uncertainty? Resentment?  Jealousy?  
Sunflowers don't care about those things...they just reach and in the moment, love.  

Everything about my experience with this chapter of my life has been profound and held a deeper meaning for always.  
The beauty in death has shown itself to me in a way I never imagined...don't be afraid.  Connection continues....  

With love & gratitude 


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