With Love

Hanging in the stairwell going down into my healing room is an abstract painting.  Somewhere on the painting are tiny letters that read, "Love, the reason we are here."   I remember when I wrote those words, I had felt romantic love.  Many years later, those words have deeper meaning and yearning.  Everyday is a day to honour and exhibit love, but February is a highlighter.   

The older I get the wider my definition of love becomes.  The capacity of my heart to love has shifted.  It spills out into everything I do.  What does love look like? 

It looks like unabashed joy when I am out in nature breathing the air and feeling the snow fall gently on my face.  It looks like connection when a likemined soul crosses your path in a serendipitous way.  Its in the gentle hug and touch of an arm of someone you care about.  Or the silent embrace of your child. It lives in the moments you share with your aging parents.  It looks like connection and communion with Spirit.  With whomever you worship. 

It resembles discreet acts of kindness to life changing acts of heroism.  It is the in the air we breath and the water we drink.  It's how we choose to move through our day when we are gripped with lonliness and depression.  It lives in the way we soothe our mind, body and soul.  A great cup of coffee with delectable cream!   Its the many faces of love.

 We all want to love and be loved.  We all want to love and accept ourselves. We sometimes fall into the belief system that love needs to be larger than life...a bright flame that cannot be extinguished.   I believe we have been placed here to love.  To love ourselves, each other and the very nature of our lives.  

In the next few months I will be writing about self care and how to redefine it.  Lets set ourselves up for success.  Now go and breathe in the deliciousness of at least one moment in your day!  Love lives there.  



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