Change In The Midst of Everything

The only constant in change.  It never disapoints and always shows up.  Sometimes when we least expect it.  Sometimes we most welcome it.  
I used to cringe at the thought of change.  Change was synonmous to fear with a capital F.  Change and challenge meant I didn't have control over aspects of my life I needed to in order to feel safe, soft and familiar.  Turns out it is all an illusion.  I actually don't have control.

That concept took me a long time on my spiritual path to comprehend and to embrace.   This past year has been thick with my employment, some of my friendships and relationships, my heart, feelings.  None of which were welcome, but all which did occur.   So how DO we move from into the unknown, embracing it without being pulled under?  

Simple.  We stop fighting it. 

And in the stopping of fighting it, you allow yourself to sink into the feeling and muck of it for a short time and allowing it space to heal.   Following a recent sojourn to Ireland, while experiencing the power of the big water and rough landscape, something in it made me think of changes.  Transitions.  As the water beats against the shore, it constantly shifts the look of the landscape and shore.  Its mighty and fierce but still beautiful.  Then when it subsides, we realize that nothing really has changed.  The landscape is still there.  And it is still beautiful.

We are still there.  We don't get as lost as we feel we do.  That is an illusion.  We have the strength to move through challenges and changes.  We have the courage to open the door, leave what is familiar and begin a new journey.  Whether an actual journey or a metaphorical journey.  

I share my humaness in this struggle as i realize that being a spiritual being is also awareness that not everything is simple, easy or smooth.   We learn.  We grow, as we allow the waters of change, challenge and transition to crash against our shores. 

With love & light, 



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