Love.  I feel it wrapped around me like a woolen shawl I have carefully knit.   

The month of February is well renowned for being the month of love, marked by Valentine’s Day. Often cringed at by those whose hearts have not found their life mate.  What If you shifted your kaleidoscope lens to see the many faces of love?

Love.  I feel it wrapped around me everywhere.   Anytime.  Strong in its vibration, love looks like so many different things and wears so many appearances. Love is not something that lives in some glamourous unreachable place.   This past month alone, I have been blessed to notice.

I recently experienced a powerful download of a realization of myself.    I was swept away with a deep seated love for myself, that came out of nowhere.   As I stepped into my shower,  a crystal clear intuition occurred to me..what if in this moment, at this time I loved everything about myself.  Everything within and without just as it is.   I saw myself as beautiful, whole and I loved what I saw.   

As someone held and supported me while I cried with sad news...I felt love.  And in turn, returned love when they wept.

As I embraced a friend who had had a loss, I felt love.  

I felt deep love when a soul sister friend smiled and was full of hope in her illness..

I felt love over a grilled cheese and tomato soup with my son...

I felt love in the sunset...the snow laden trees...the crisp air….the warmth and solace of my house.   Love lives in all of these places.  

Simple wisdom yet wisdom we all soon forget.  

Be where you are in  your life and in your heart.  Look hard for the love around you in things, situations and people, in nature, because it is there.

That little girl who marched to her own drum.  I love and cherish you.  That youth who was lost..I love and know you did the best you could.  I love you too.  The mother, the counsellor, the energy healer, the friend, lover, builder, daughter, sister, Goddess and wild woman...I love each and every part of you.

I invite you to reach deeper, further, longer for the loves in your life. 

Much love... 

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