Sisters Rising

The month of march honours the emergence of Spring and International Woman’s Day.   

2017 is a powerful year of hope, change and stepping off the known path into something completely unknown.  It is the year of the Goddess Awakening and the Return of the Divine Feminine.   Its an important time for women to redefine their role and importance in their lives and the lives of others.  

It’s a time of encouraging and supporting others at their worst and best of times.  

Which isn’t always easy.  

I have of late, heard much talk about competition in the Spiritual community.  The haves and the have nots.   It exists, as it does in most communities.  It is life.  It challenges us to rise above it and be where we are with Grace and Light.   

This is my year, as it is all of YOUR year.  We are women.  We are strong.  We plant the seed and don’t just watch it grow.  We nurture it with strong and creative passion.   We all do our part.  We are all important in every action, every word, deed and doing.  It all matters.  

So please don’t question your part.  Be on your path in the way that you can and are.  Each step that you take towards your soul purpose IS the purpose.  The destination is not the prize…the journey is.   And along the journey, pick up a pebble on the path and offer it to a sister, a friend, a mother, a daughter, a fellow healer.   Offer it as a token of support and love.

With love & Gratitude for who you are xo

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