Spiritual Growth

Spirit speaks to us in many forms and manners.  We are always being downloaded with signs and symbols that urge us forward in our growth.   Sometimes those signs come to us from earth Angels, human beings with light in their hearts.  I recently am paused by a message about being spiritual.   

Why do we choose to be spiritual? How do we choose to be spiritual? For many, my self included, spirituality can be forged from a catalyst, an event that plunges us into questioning.  A life event, a breakup, a loss of another sort. We seek comfort in the signs, symbols, words and meaning found in Spirit or Source.  Or God. We seek it and it hugs us in those moments we cry out.  


Sometimes we just exist in spiritual form.  In spiritual truth.  

We don't become more spiritual to be better...to not feel pain...to try and control the outcomes of our lives.  We don't become more spiritual to avoid living, doing and breathing in life.  We become more spiritual because we can.  It is our essence and truth. We become who we came here to BE.  

I am sharing this from a place of being human and vulnerable.  I am reminded that becoming spiritual is not an ends to a means.  Do we delve deeply feeling as though there will be a golden prize at the end of it...as though the measure of spirituality will help manifest what we sometimes avoid in life?  

I am loving how Spirit has brought me to this place of knowing and growing. 

~ Namaste


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